House Call Dog Grooming

“Grooming by the Shores”

Welcome to Bark of the Shores Grooming L.L.C., owned and operated by Alysa M. Locke. Currently servicing Macomb County, MI and dogs 40lbs and under.

House call dog grooming is a service in which a pet groomer comes into your house and performs the entire service in the comfort of your home. No need to even change out of your PJ’s and your dog stays inside the comfort of their home.

Visit the Services page to learn all about what I offer, prices, and if these services would be a good fit for you and your dog!

Check the FAQ page for any further questions! Always feel free to Contact me for further inquires.

If you would like more information on who I am and my grooming career you can shoot over to my About me page. Don’t forget to check out the Blog, which provides information on a variety of topics to better serve pet parents!

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