The Tool That Helped Deepen my Witchcraft and Daily Practice

Hello Witches, I hope you are all doing well in these crazy times!

This is unlike most of the other types of posts I have made on this blog so far, but I wanted to talk about a ‘project’ that I started in January that has helped me deepen my Witchcraft and help me get on an almost-daily witchcraft and devotional practice. This item can be found in almost any store, and costs very little: a planner. Now before you click away because planners just are not your thing, I don’t use it like you would use a normal planner!

Also, that is my altar! It’s super small, but it’s my favorite place in my house!

I purchased this planner in the beginning of January, and actually knew exactly what I wanted to do with this! I use this as a way to document what has actually occurred, not what is going to come. I feel in today times that we as people spend so much time planning, so much time preparing for the future that I wanted a way to bring me into the moment. When I purchased this, I was in a constant loop of just plan plan plan and I never took time to just be or stop my racing mind. I was emotionally and physically exhausted all the time, and needed something to bring me to the moment.

It did that, and so much more for me. I started by writing down what my daily card pull was every morning. I wont lie, I maybe did this twice a week at first. Although, I had a problem even staying this consistent before I purchased this planner so I have to say right off the bat I could tell this was going to help me. It grew from 2 times a week, to 3, to now minimum 4x a week! This really helped me learn the cards, and I can now start to recognize cards without having to look them up and am starting to be able to feel what a card may mean before even looking up the meaning. Something I never felt I would have the confidence to do before with cards.

After I started my daily card pulls, I had an itch to start writing even more down. Ultimately, this has led to a nearly daily practice of writing. I write down magical and mundane. I write down the mundane of the day before too so that way when I start to feel discouraged because I haven’t been practicing I can look back and say “oh yeah, it’s because I’ve been slammed!” and stop feeling so bad. I have little dates down that normally we forget about, when I was really fascinated by a certain herb or maybe what kept popping up in my meditation that day. Anything really that you can think of I jot down, but again. Unless it is happening in that very moment or happened the day before, it does NOT get written down. Moon phases, holidays, important anniversaries. Nothing. Because I write down when I observe and celebrate them instead. I can always google when these things occur but I can’t always remember when I celebrate.

Because I have a tool to lean on when I starting to doubt my practice, my practice gets this breath of fresh air before the air is even gone. I find myself at least weekly flipping through the pages and feeling proud that this tool has helped me start a meditation practice and deepen my connection with my Matron. I write small notes to myself like “stay in the moment” or “stay calm” depending on the day I had before. I invested in some nicer but not really expensive felt tipped pens (they were on sale for I believe $10), and that wasn’t until mid July! I am putting a picture below of one of my weeks in hopes that it inspires you! This really was just supposed to be a way to help me stay more in tune with the moment, but it became so much more. As a witch, I have to say this is the most important tool I have besides my Book of Shadows, because writing is magic to me. Let me know in a comment or email what you most important magical tool is!

Brightest Blessings Witches!

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