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Dog Diet Series Part 2: Wet Dog

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Welcome to the second part of my dog food series! Today’s blog post is going to be all about wet (canned) dog food. Going into this article, I quickly realized I didn’t know much about wet dog food and I never really fed it to my own dog. Thankfully, there isn’t as much going into wet food as there is going into kibble, which I covered in my last post. As always there will be references at the end of the article if you would like to continue on with your research, which I implore you to do!

This article will break down some pros and cons and wet dog food, enjoy!

There are quite a few benefits to feeding your dog wet food. Firstly, to most dogs it is more appetizing for them than kibble. It makes this a great option if you have a picky eater on your hands. Along with picky eaters, there are also a lot of dogs who simply do not drink enough water. Canned dog food is high in moisture content and can help your dog stay a little more hydrated. 

If you have a dog who is missing teeth or recovering from an illness/injury, then having wet food to help them eat is a great option. Wet dog food can be not only easier to eat physically, but also can be gentler on the stomach and easier to digest. This option also typically, comparatively to its kibble counterpart, is higher in proteín and lower in carbs (but please always check your labels). 

For owners, this is easier to store than freeze dried or a raw diet, and has a decently long shelf life. 

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As with benefits, there are also an equal amount of cons. For me, the biggest issue is to preserve these cans of food, manufacturers will use BPA and other harmful chemicals. You will always want to check the packaging for expiration dates and for what preservatives they are using in their foods. Canned products also contain by products, which are the parts of animals and plants that are discarded and unwanted. Make sure your canned food contains full ingredients with a mix of protein and vegetables. Talking about ingredients, wet food is also typically higher in fat than dry dog food. Your dog’s dental care also comes into play, as this option of food also increases the buildup of plaque and tartar on their teeth. Make sure to have a good dental routine in place for your pet! 

Buying all these cans of food typically becomes pretty costly. After opening, they will also need to be covered and stored in the fridge, and will spoil much more quickly after opening. There is also the concern of waste from the cans/containers themselves, as these do contribute to landfills. Be sure to rinse and recycle your containers! As you can imagine, cleaning up the wet food is also messy. Having to clean up not only the cans but whatever plate/bowl you feed them with. There is also the concern of storage space, and how often you may need to stock up depending on how many you can store at a time. The smell can also be very unpleasant to us humans, but your dog will love it!

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Overall, like with all food options it has its pros and cons. From what I’ve read during my research, a balance of wet and dry food would be best for a more balanced diet for your dog. They will have more moisture and protein, and their palates will love the different and bolder flavors. Another option to canned food are healthy food toppers! You can find these at pet stores, online, and you can even look up how to make healthy food toppers for your dog at home so you know exactly what is going into your dog’s food! 

The next in the series will be about raw/freeze dried dog foods!


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