About Me

Hello ! My name is Alysa and I am the owner and operator of Bark of the Shores Grooming L.L.C.

I have been grooming dogs, either professionally or my own dogs, for over the past 8 years. My career started with Petco in 2012 as a bather in their grooming salon. Shortly after starting I was put through and graduated their Pet Stylist Program by 2013. I stepped away to experience different salons and have worked in different salons over the years gaining much experience with different breeds, coat types and hairstyles.

I did step away professionally for a couple years to gain experiences as a manager for a very busy retail chain, graduated college with an associates in Small business management and also dabbled and received a certificate for Therapeutic Massage. All the while still grooming my beautiful Saint Bernard and helping friends and family.

After losing my Saint Bernard in 2019, and experiencing much burnout and stress with my Manager position I decided to start looking for salons to work in and found my way back to the professional grooming work March of 2020. I have been in love with this decision, and have continued my education to also include a certification from the AKC in salon and grooming safety.

I want to take a moment to thank you for visiting my site, and taking the time to get to know me! My Contact Page has all the places you can reach me at for further inquires!