FAQ Page

Have Some Questions?

House-Call services by Bark of the Shores Grooming L.L.C. are provided to most parts of Macomb County, MI and are provided to dogs 40lbs and under.

If you want to learn about the services provided, please visit the Services Page!

Below is an FAQ that I have put together of the questions that I have been asked the most! If you have any other questions that are not answered on this page, you can visit my Contact Page and reach out. I will get back to you!

What is house call grooming?

House call grooming is when a groomer comes into your home, sets up and completes the bath and groom, cleans up and leaves! This is different than mobile groomers, who will come and get your dog and bring them to a van outside your home. Your dog never has to leave the comfort of their own home!

What are the benefits?

The process of grooming at salons can be a stressful experience for dogs. For dogs who have high anxiety or medical issues, being groomed at home can reduce the extra stress brought on from travel and being surrounded by lots of sounds, people, and other animals. This is also great for senior dogs who have a difficult time just due to age. Any dog who may need some one on one attention.

But this isn’t only for dogs who need extra care, knowing exactly where your dog is and being able to watch the groom brings comfort and peace of mind to owners knowing their dog is safe and stress free! 

This process allows for an even better connection and relationship between groomer, dog, and pet parent/guardian. 

How much space do you need and what do you need in that space?

I need around a 4×5 space to be able to set up my table and work around it, access to running warm water and a tub to wash your dog, and a place to plug in my dryer and clippers. 

Examples of some areas are laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or a garage with warm water available (the garage must be temperature controlled with heated water). 

*As a disclaimer I cannot groom in an apartment or condos with steep/numerous sets of stairs. I have a lot of equipment to bring along and unfortunately due to safety reasons and to avoid accidental property damage I will have to decline grooming if I feel necessary.

Do you groom all breeds of dogs?

Bark of the Shores currently has a weight limit of around 35-40 pounds. We may be able to make exceptions on a 1 on 1 basis but it is never guaranteed, and are reserved for senior dogs only. De-Shedding services are provided as long as I have an area where hair will not be an issue (can be discussed at consultation visit).

Why is house call grooming more expensive than going to a salon?

House call grooming is considered a luxury service as the grooming is coming directly to you, instead of you going to a salon. This line of grooming is special as we get to work 1-on-1 with dogs, and that limits the amount of dogs that we can see drastically so we have to charge a premium price. We love creating that special connection with you and your pet!

Do you groom cats?

At this moment I do not service cats.

Is every dog a good fit for House Call?

I wish I could say that every dog is a great fit for house call, and for many it is! However, some dogs are very protective of their space and their parent/guardian. Having someone in their space may be even more stressful than being able to go somewhere to get groomed or even having a groomer with a mobile van. Some dogs are also too excitable when they are in their homes or too easily distracted by their family to safely groom in their home.

Do you offer nail trimming services?

I do not currently offer a special price for just nail trimming. However I can come out to perform multiple services in an hour! Nail trimming, paw balm application, ear cleaning, wrinkle cleaning and cream application, and brush out can all be done in one session as well!