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I try and post new articles whenever I get the chance between my grooms! I believe it is important to give pet parents all the information they could need for their 4 legged friends. If there is a topic that you would like to see covered you can let me know via email at or you can DM on any of my social media!

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Picking Health Insurance for your Pet

There are an increasing number of pet parents getting insurance for their pets, and for good reason! Costs of veterinary care only continue to rise and when our pet gets sick or injured suddenly it can really be stressful having to decide the course of treatment based solely off of what the cost may add…

Dog Food Series Part 3: Fresh Dog Food

I am so excited to bring you the third installment of my dog food diet series: fresh food! I have been working in and out of pet stores since 2012, where I first discovered fresh foods. I remember working while they installed Fresh Pet freezers and seeing all the selections of food that pet parents…

Dog Diet Series Part 2: Wet Dog

Welcome to the second part of my dog food series! Today’s blog post is going to be all about wet (canned) dog food. Going into this article, I quickly realized I didn’t know much about wet dog food and I never really fed it to my own dog. Thankfully, there isn’t as much going into…

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