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Welcome to my blog page! I try and post new articles and blog posts every weekend! I believe it is important to give pet parents all the information they could need for their 4 legged friends. If there is a topic that you would like to see covered you can let me know via email at or you can DM on any of my social media!

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Different Types of Brushes for your Dog

Going over the types of dog brushes and which needs go with those brushes.

Dental Care for your Dog and Cat

Hello all Pet Parents and Guardians! You may not have known this, but February is Pet Dental Health Month! Dental care is coming more and more into light these days and I’m very happy to see it. It has always been an area that I feel doesn’t get talked to pet parents enough by their… Continue reading Dental Care for your Dog and Cat

How to Help your Dog Get Used to Nail Trimming

As a groomer, the number one issue I come across is a dog who does not like their feet touched. This can range from simple pulling to full on aggression and fear.  I have met quite a few pet owners and groomers alike who say “dogs just don’t like their feet touched”. I want to… Continue reading How to Help your Dog Get Used to Nail Trimming

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