What we Offer!

Bark of the Shores Grooming L.L.C. is currently servicing Macomb County, MI.

Currently grooming dogs 40 lbs and under.

Here you will find a break down of all the services offered by Bark of the Shores!

Consultation Visit

This consultation is required before I will come out to perform any grooming services. This consultation takes 15-30 minutes and is free no matter the method chosen.
In person: recommended I come to your house so we can look over where you would like the grooming to take place, I can meet your dog, go over the health concerns along with your dogs history with grooming and create a grooming plan together. During this time I also verify rabies shots, and have you sign a grooming release then it’s time to set up your appointment! This option helps you and your dog feel much more comfortable and also shortens set up time.
Video/Phone chat: This is NOT the initial phone call you may be making to set up the appointment. During this time I will be asking you many questions about your dogs health and history, asking how big you area and where you plan for me to wash and dry the dog ext. and also ask for your dogs veterinarian information so I can verify rabies before coming out. I can email you a grooming release that you may print and sign before I come out or I will bring a copy for you.
NOTE: I do charge an hourly rate that starts when I arrive for your appointment, which will include signing your grooming release if you choose to wait to sign.

Bath and Haircut Appointments

After your consultation visit, the next appointment is your grooming appointment! When I arrive it may take me a couple trips to bring in all my supplies. The grooming service will include: Bath with blowout, haircut (if your dog needs one), nail clipping, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, eye rinse and either bow or bandana! If needed/tolerated; nail buffing, ear hair plucking and application of paw balm will be performed as well.

**As of March 2022, I have moved to charging an hourly rate of $60 an hour and charge a minimum of an hours work. I start my time when I arrive for my appointment, and stop the time after I finish the groom. I can make a rough estimate at the consultation visit of how long your appointment may take, however this is an estimate and the full price will be finalized day of appointment depending on how long the service takes. A normal grooming session averages between 2-3 hours, times vary with condition of coat, type of coat, size, and temperament of pet**

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