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Dog Food Series Part 3: Fresh Dog Food

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I am so excited to bring you the third installment of my dog food diet series: fresh food! I have been working in and out of pet stores since 2012, where I first discovered fresh foods. I remember working while they installed Fresh Pet freezers and seeing all the selections of food that pet parents had to choose from. Although I never was able to give them a try (and I’ll go into why a little later in the cons section), I can’t wait to try fresh food with my next dog. 

As I alluded to above, fresh dog food is food that is prepared with fresh ingredients and are kept in a fridge until prepared and given to your pup. You can find them online with retailers like Chewy or at most pet stores. This type of food is the newest to hit the market for consumers, and their popularity continues to grow. Let’s get into why these products are so popular, but also what else you should know before ultimately deciding if a fresh diet for your lifestyle. 

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Like stated earlier, a great benefit to this food is that it is made with whole fresh ingredients. You typically won’t find any preservatives or by-products in these foods. Along with not having these by-products, you’ll see there are no unnecessary fillers. These foods smell amazing to your pet, and are a great choice for those of you who have picky eaters on your hands or for dogs who have sensitive stomachs. Just like canned food, it contains more moisture than its kibble counterpart and will help keep your dog hydrated. There are many great brands to pick from, along with a large selection of proteins and vegetables. 

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But with all great things, there are some downsides. I feel the biggest one is the price. Fresh food is pretty pricey compared to canned or kibble, which is what ultimately the reason was for me not being able to give my own pet a fresh diet. This can get even pricier if it isn’t used in a timely manner, as it will go bad. From what I’ve read these foods typically last a week, give or take a little bit of time. Along with being the more expensive diet, it also takes up the most space. You will need a dedicated amount of space in your refrigerator, as these need to be kept cold due to having no preservatives in them. Fresh shares a con with canned food as you will need to take the time to prepare the food for your dog every day, and make sure to clean up any leftovers as it can go bad and make your dog sick. There will also be considerably more dishes for you to wash, make sure to have a few dishes to swap out with. Which is more space. 

It seems that fresh pet food is one of the healthiest options for your dog, but it does come with a price. As I said in my last post, I believe a combination of these diets could work well for most pet parents. Fresh foods not only come in a full diet but toppers and treats to help give your dog these wonderful options without breaking the bank or if you may not have the room to be able to keep all the food. Kibble, canned, or fresh food; whatever you choose, know that your pet can live a long and healthy life! Give them a life full of flavor! 


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